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Staff Training Workshops

Teacher Training

The staff have been raving about your presentation all week! We really appreciate you coming all the way to deliver a thoroughly engaging presentation that most certainly didn’t feel like three hours!
— Assistant Principal, Glendale East Public School
Expectations were high but your presentation managed to surpass again.
— deputy principal, lane cove public school

Staff Professional Development: promoting academic engagement alongside wellbeing and resilience. 

I provide teacher training workshops in which I share my research into and experiences with social and emotional learning in my classroom. My facilitation style is interactive and I demonstrate the collaborative learning techniques that are vital for students to develop teamwork and relationship building skills.

The workshops are designed for educators working across all subjects. Undertaking one of these workshops would be beneficial if your school is new to social emotional learning, or has been doing it for some time and needs an update.

Each workshop addresses some or all of the components required for a successful SEL program. 

I can come to your school, arrange a webinar (popular with rural schools) or staff can attend a workshop individually.

Rose was amazing. We got a lot out of it and will be putting some of the practical strategies into place immediately.
— Principal, nsw public school

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Do you have a large population of students who speak languages other than English at your school? Dr Gillian Pennington is an EAL/D consultant who is available to advise teachers with new arrivals, or present training workshops. Get in touch for more information.