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Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

It was the best presentation I’ve been to at the school. It was concise and really well presented and didn’t feel too overwhelming as these types of presentations can be
— Parent feedback form
I’ve received lots of positive feedback about how people enjoyed the session and found the information very helpful.
— Bernice, Castle Cove Public School P&C
Very positive feedback from the parent community and very high levels of engagement.
— Deputy principal, Lane cove public school

Raising caring, confident, capable children at school AND at home.

In order for a Social and Emotional Learning Program to be effective, it is vital that the school community is involved, and that the messages at school and at home are the same. Schools and carers can work together to support the resilience and wellbeing of all students and their families. 

My parent seminar provides parents with

  • information about how to support the development of social and emotional skills;

  • practical strategies to guide their children through challenges they face, such as bullying, making friends and being engaged at school; and

  • is based upon the 7 Steps to Thrive framework and conversation prompts.