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Online Courses

Online Courses

My workshops are available as online lectures, with accompanying activities and administration documentation. These online seminars are designed to be watched individually or presented to groups at staff meetings or professional development days.

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Why learn online with Pennington Education?

  • Learn from a school teacher who is implementing social and emotional learning NOW, not just theorising about it!

  • Practical downloadable tools and templates

  • Insights from current academic research, translated for practice in your classroom

  • Complete anywhere, anytime

  • Teacher professional development hours

  • Ongoing support

Which online courses are available?

Introduction to SEL (approx. 1 hour): $259

This workshop provides teachers with an overview of social and emotional learning. They are introduced to positive and educational psychological theories and are given practical advice about teaching explicit social and emotional skills in their classrooms.

Embedding SEL Practices (approx. 1 hour): $259

This staff meeting presentation gives teachers a chance to reflect on their instructional practices and how they promote student wellbeing. Teachers are given practical advice about how to incorporate the development of core social and emotional competencies into their teaching programs and everyday classroom practices.

Teacher Wellbeing (approx. 30 mins): $189

Teachers are better role models for their students when they are thriving themselves. After years of studying wellbeing theories, I have developed a program for teachers so that they may look after themselves, in order to support their students. Based upon the foundations of positive psychology theory, the program will guides teachers through the steps you need to improve your wellbeing by knowing themselves, working together, and knowing the work.

Bundle: $399

All of the above.

to purchase login details for an individual or school and revisit the content as many times as you like.