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Student Leadership Course

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

Thank you for your interest in the Leaders of Tomorrow Program!

A vital part of social and emotional learning at school is having a positive school culture. While we, as educators, can do a lot to set up an optimal learning environment that supports both academic and wellbeing outcomes, students learn just as much from each other (if not more!) as they do from us.

As a firm believer that compassion (both for ourselves and others) is the key to a better life for all, it is clear to me that a positive school climate must ensure that students are supporting each other and themselves to reach their potential.

I have developed a student leadership program that caters for ALL students, not just those elected or appointed to specific leadership roles. Designed to be run for Year 5 and Year 11 students, the workshop prepares them for the next year, as the leaders of the school.

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Students finish the student leadership program

·         Understanding that they can make a difference both to their own lives and to others’;

·         Acknowledging their impact on the culture of the school;

·         Having identified their own personal strengths and those of the whole group; and

·         With a clear plan for how they will lead the school, organised into student action groups using an appreciative inquiry method.

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The program is designed to run over one day at your school, with pre- and post-activities to be completed during class time (aligned with Australian curriculum outcomes so as to integrate with teaching and learning programs easily).

Pre-program: 3 lesson plans to be completed before the day

1 day incursion for the students:

  • 1 hour: understanding their own and others' strengths
  • 1 hour: teamwork activities with a focus on the impact they can make on the world
  • 90 mins: appreciative inquiry summit in which students come up with a plan for their vision for the school by building on its current strengths
  • 1 hour: forming student action teams 

Post-program: teachers are provided with resources to organise the action teams and to keep them running over the next year.