We were inspired by the great ideas and knowledge you shared with us.
— Assistant Principal, St Agnes' Primary School

In order to ensure that the implementation of social and emotional learning is sustainable and that all staff are committed (and relatively stress free!), I work with schools to ensure that the following facets of the process run smoothly.

I provide a tailored implementation plan with timelines and checklists to ensure that those in charge of wellbeing initiatives are supported along the way, and can work face to face by visiting your school or via webinar.


Program Review

Using an appreciative inquiry approach, we can form an understanding of what the school is already doing to actively promote the development of social and emotional skills, and build from a basis of strength, not deficit, to complement the existing school culture. This may include creating a tailored whole school plan.

Planning Advice

Working collaboratively with teachers and executive to determine where your students' needs lie and how best to support them. Ensuring that every teacher understands and feels confident with what they need to do to develop the social and emotional skills.

Demonstration Lessons and Team Teaching

Demonstration and team teaching of explicit social and emotional skills lessons, and integration of core social and emotional competencies into all Key Learning Areas.

Measurement and Data Collection

Introducing measurement of student wellbeing, and practical advice about what to do to improve these outcomes using individual student and class results.

Action Research

I facilitate action research projects within schools to help really embed social and emotional learning in a meaningful way. This involved working with the project teams and a series of school visits. 

Acting alongside or in place of a director of student wellbeing, I will bring to your school:

  • A thorough understanding of contemporary research and best practice in the development and application of wellbeing frameworks;

  • The capacity to develop, apply and review policies and practices relating to whole school wellbeing and including, but not limited to, the principles of Positive Education and restorative practices;

  • A proven capacity to develop high levels of trust with students, parents, staff, and community;

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and facilitation skills, including the ability to liaise and provide advice regarding student wellbeing;

  • High level organisational and administrative skills; and

  • Extensive experience as an outstanding teacher with a passion for education and enhancing the wellbeing of students.