How To Help Kids Make Kindness A Habit

It is easy to recognise how much emphasis is placed upon material possessions, and the monetary value of what people have to give. But what about the things we can offer that don’t cost a cent, that are arguably worth more than anything you can get in the shops?

It is important to teach children the value of kindness, and giving. There is a book called ‘Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud that teaches kids that the secret to feeling fulfilled is to help other people and to make them feel good. It uses the metaphor that, when you ‘fill other people’s buckets (boost their self-esteem),’ your own is filled up too.

This week we started a Kids Kindness Club in our classroom. The students had to complete ten random acts of kindness for membership to the club, and it was lovely to see how much they enjoyed themselves.

Make a list of random acts of kindness that children can do easily and stick them on the fridge. Make it part of your routine to discuss the things that they have done for other people, and an expectation that they will have something to share.

It is so obvious as a teacher those students who care about others and those who can empathise with others. Teach your children to value these traits by making them a habit.

Rose Pennington