Leaders of Tomorrow Program

I am so excited to announce the launch my new student leadership program!

As you may know, I am a primary school teacher and education consultant with a passion for promoting wellbeing, resilience and academic achievement.

I noticed that while there were a number of student leadership programs for elected or appointed captains or prefects, there was nothing in the market that catered to ALL the students in a sustainable, long term way.

The philosophy behind Leaders of Tomorrow is that students can be leaders by showing compassion for both themselves and others, and by committing to projects in a meaningful way. They are taught to identify themselves in terms of their strengths, and to understand the impact they can have on others through being role models. They are given the autonomy to influence their environment through student action teams, giving them a strong sense of purpose.

From here, a positive school environment can flourish because the students are explicitly taught the value of respect, and then practise it throughout their year as leaders. I am delighted to partner with the You Can Sit With Me framework, whereby students wear wristbands to show others on the playground that they are welcome to sit with them. With every Leaders of Tomorrow program I provide wristbands for your school so that you can experiment with what the framework might look like in your community. Visit www.youcansitwithme.org for more information about this.

The program is divided into three pre-program lessons, then four program sessions, followed by two or three terms of student action team work, in which students work on a project of their choice. The program can be implemented across a couple of days, or over seven lessons. At the end, the students will be assigned to project groups and from there they will achieve meaningful outcomes and identify themselves in terms of their strengths.

The resources are for sale at www.leadersoftomorrow.school, or you can get in touch to arrange a facilitator to visit your school, or to learn more.

Rose Pennington