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Conversation Cards

A thought provoking range of ideas, strategies and activities to help children with the tricky business of being a child.
— Teacher
A practical parenting resource for generating rich conversations with my child and a reassuring guide to being a parent. Thank you!
— parent

I developed this set of conversation prompt cards after guiding children through social and emotional issues and experiences. I hope others can benefit from what I've learned about how to navigate important topics.


Questions include “what is a good friend?” and “why is diversity important?” through to “what type of intelligence do you have?” and teach kids about the importance of a healthy mind and body.

Using these cards with children will train them to think critically and creatively, giving them the tools to overcome challenges and reach their potential using their individual strengths.

Teachers can use the cards to prompt classroom discussions, while parents can read over questions and answers themselves before striking up a conversation or use them as a game, in which children pick a card and read the question before a parent (or whole family) discusses an answer.