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I help schools to create a positive school environment through social and emotional learning and academic engagement.

Expectations were high but your presentation managed to surpass again. Very positive feedback from the community and very high levels of engagement.

My name is Rose Pennington and I am a teacher, education consultant, university lecturer and PhD candidate supporting schools to foster wellbeing and resilience along with academic engagement.

My goal is to create a more compassionate world through education.

I have created The Whole Student as a result of my PhD studies, a pedagogy model that prioritises the motivational needs of students in order to translate their skills to practise.

I work with a range of resources that fit into the model to make it come to life.

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The Whole Student approach provides teaching strategies and content that promote both academic performance and wellbeing.

A wellbeing program taught in isolation will be less effective than an approach to social, emotional and academic learning that prioritises the motivational needs of students.

When students are taught social, emotional and thinking skills in a supportive and challenging environment, they are more likely to use them to reach their full academic and personal potential.

At The Whole Student, our mission is to help teachers nurture their own wellbeing along with the potential of their students, through pedagogy and content.

Bounce Back! is an award winning social and emotional skills curriculum that promotes wellbeing and resilience.

It is used by hundreds of schools around Australia internationally because it is straightforward to implement and has a lasting impact on both the students and staff.

As Head of Professional Development for Bounce Back, I conduct and arrange professional development courses across Australia and internationally. Please get in touch below for more information.

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