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I help schools to create a positive school environment through social and emotional learning and academic engagement.

Expectations were high but your presentation managed to surpass again. Very positive feedback from the community and very high levels of engagement.

My name is Rose Pennington and I am a teacher, education consultant, university lecturer and PhD candidate supporting schools to foster wellbeing and resilience along with academic engagement.

My goal is to create a more compassionate world through education.

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Professional Development Workshops

Bounce Back is an award winning social and emotional skills curriculum that promotes wellbeing and resilience. It is used by hundreds of schools around Australia internationally because it is straightforward to implement and has a lasting impact on both the students and staff.

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My research looks at how to promote social, emotional and critical and creative thinking skills through our every day teaching.

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  • Classroom practices and teaching strategies that support student wellbeing

  • Teacher wellbeing

  • Parent Engagement

My workshops are available as online lectures, with accompanying activities.

They can be completed individually by teachers or presented to groups at staff meetings or professional development days.

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Student Leadership Program


I have developed a student leadership program that caters for all students, not just those elected or appointed to specific roles. 

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I developed this set of conversation prompt cards after guiding children through social and emotional issues and experiences.

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I have written teacher’s manuals to accompany the Teachers 4 Teachers My Wellbeing Journal that provide background information on each topic as well as lesson plans and additional materials to aid in the teaching of wellbeing.

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